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School Overview

School Information

Arrival & Departure Times

School begins at 8:00 a.m. for all grade levels. Children are welcomed to enter 20 minutes before school starts when adult supervision is provided. Please make prior arrangements for your children if you must leave for work at an earlier time.


We also asked that your child be picked up in a timely manner. All students who remain in the pick-up area 20 minutes after the end of the day are walked to our office, where parents are required to come to the office with valid government-issued ID to sign them out. Please keep in mind, Monday is early release with a dismissal time of 12:51 p.m.


Drop-off/ Pick-up

All students should be dropped off in the designated student drop-off/pick-up area. At no time should you leave your car unattended in this area. Please help reduce the traffic congestion at our school and in our neighborhood by carpooling or by choosing to walk. The safety for our students is our priority.


Leaving School Early

Children needing to leave early are to be signed-out in person by a parent or authorized person on the emergency card. To ensure the safety of our students, identification must be provided. Please to do not sign your child out the last 20 minutes of the school day. This is a critical time for final instructions, homework, and reminders.


Bike Riders

Students in grades 3rd-5th are allowed to ride their bikes to school. All bike riders must wear a helmet and take their helmet with them to class. Students not wearing a helmet will not be allowed to ride their bicycle home. Bikes must be walked arriving and leaving school; please no riding on campus. Bike riders must always give the right away to pedestrians. All bikes must be secured with a lock and on campus bike rack; please do not leave your bike at the park.


Visitors on Campus

All visitors are to report to the office when arriving on campus to sign in with a government-issued identification card and receive a visitor’s badge. Parent are encouraged and welcomed to classroom and teacher visitations, but must be prearranged with the teacher. Student-age relatives, friends, and non-resident visiting students are not allowed to visit Alamosa Park during the school day.


Medicine at School

Notify the school if your student is on a continuing medication regime, even though the medicine is taken at home. This information may be important in an emergency situation. If medication is required during school hours, California Education Codes and VUSD policies are enforced. Click hereto learn more. Please do not bring any medication to school until the physician’s and the parent/guardian’s authorizations have been completed. Parents need to pick up all medications at the end of each school year. Medications left more than one week after the school year ends will be discarded.